The Death and Resurrection of Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is my favorite show. Of all time.

I (along with many others) were devastated when B99 was axed by FOX. This season, the hashtag #RenewB99 was one I saw on my timeline a lot. When NBC picked it back up one day later, I cried and cried while ecstatically jumping up and down. It was insane to witness the power of social media. For a show to die and be “resurrected” is something I personally have never witnessed. (title of your sex tape!)

If you are unfamiliar with the show, (first of all, how dare you) it is a police sitcom that deals with the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. The show follows detectives Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Sgt. Terry Jeffords, Captain Raymond Holt and the goddess that is Gina Linetti. Every episode focuses on a case while keeping it light but relevant to current news sometimes.

I was someone that never understood why B99 lived on Fox in the first place, since they never seemed to promote the show (hence the cult following we witnessed in its short lived death, many watched on Hulu or online but didn’t tune in). NBC is the perfect new home for the show.

As an avid comedy fan, NBC is THE perfect place for B99. I am already a huge fan of the NBC roster as Will & Grace stands in my top 6 shows of all time. The Good Place is also amazing as well, and I still tune into Saturday Night Live every week. Andy Samberg has been one of my favorite comedians forever, as I am still a huge fan of The Lonely Island (Popstar IS UNDERRATED).

A statement from NBC’s Ben Greenblatt made me laugh as it seemed so true and many fans have definitely wondered why NBC didn’t have the show on its network in the first place since Andy was on SNL for so long.

“If I knew Andy Samberg was gonna be cast in that show, we probably would never have sold it to Fox. He didn’t sign on until after [we sold it to Fox], and we thought it was a missed opportunity from the beginning. It just felt like a piece of the puzzle that…you know when you finish a jigsaw puzzle and one piece is missing, and you go what happened to that piece? It feels like we found that piece.”

Brooklyn deserves your watching. With a cast of 2 latina women, 2 black men and two white men, while having the Captain be opening gay and one of the latina women be openly Bisexual, it’s more representation than I have ever seen before. The show also demonstrates healthy romantic relationships and friendships while still being hilarious. Seeing B99 come home to NBC is so exciting and is totally NOICE.

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