Song Review: ‘Box Me In’ By Jirias

Jirias is an artist in the hip-hop genre who has only been getting better and better with every release, which leads us to his latest song, Box Me In, which can be found via SoundCloud below:

“Box Me In” leaves an immediate impression, particularly evoking memories of late 90’s and early 00’s beats, which match very well with the delivery put down by Jirias. It is physically impossible to sit still and listen to this song; your feet will start tapping within ten seconds, guaranteed. The production work gets an A+; everything is just so polished and smooth, absolutely professional in quality.

In fact, everything sounds professional about Box Me In; Jirias gives the immediate perception of a star; I was honestly shocked to find he is an independent artist; his sound is leagues above what I expect to hear from SoundCloud.

From the first verse to the last, Jirias just goes in hard with lyrics that actually have meaning and depth, which is refreshing. The beat also compliments the verses perfectly, with flourishes and the beat stopping at the perfect moments to highlight his words and give them the utmost importance.

I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the happy-sounding beat with the heavier-sounding verses dealing with subject matter you wouldn’t normally hear in a more poppy-sounding song. It is a very personal-sounding song, with the verses giving a look inside the mind of Jirias as an artist on his way up and trying to make it as a Palestinian-American rapper in a world with not many peers in that aspect.

Overall, as you can tell, I heartily enjoyed Box Me In and will continue diving into Jirias’ backlog as well as his material to come, and I implore you to as well! Jirias is an artist I fully expect to hear as he made major success very shortly, he has all the sounds I am looking for in a new artist, and I positively CRAVE more!

Find Jirias Below:

To hear the latest from Jirias, be sure to check out his SoundCloud for the most up-to-date releases. His latest album release, Castle can be found below:

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