Sofia Carson: It’s Only An Album Review, Nobody Dies

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After years of releasing singles, Sofia Carson has finally released her debut album. Sofia is an actress and singer well known for her work on the Disney Channel for the uninitiated. I first discovered her (along with many others) as Evie in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants (2015). (Before someone may connect the dots, yes, I still was an avid Disney Channel watcher in high school. I also may or may not have hosted giant watch parties for the 2nd and 3rd movies…. And a Descendants-themed birthday party for when I turned 19.)

The franchise was a global success, spanning three live-action movies with their respective soundtracks, animated shorts, and more. In 2016, Sofia signed a joint record deal with Disney’s Hollywood Records and Republic Records. Like many fans, I have been ecstatic to listen to Sofia’s debut album after being a massive fan for years. 

proof I was awesome in high school

In an interview with E! News, Sofia Carson details the story behind the album. “I wrote a story about love about a girl who falls into a beautiful love, only to be shattered into pieces. But nonetheless, it’s a story about a girl who survives.”

Track by track, I will go through each song by giving my thoughts and interpretation of the themes. 

1. It’s Only Love, Nobody Dies

Vulnerability is an emotion that has such high stakes to it. When opening up to someone, sometimes there is a “what if” feeling in the back of your mind. Was it even worth it to tell someone our deepest thoughts and insecurities? What if this doesn’t end well? Falling in love is a beautiful part of the human experience, but there is a  possibility that there is an expiration date to a relationship. People come and go for different reasons, maybe to stay forever or are only meant to be around for certain parts of your journey. “It’s Only Love, Nobody Dies” speaks to this feeling, even subconsciously distancing oneself to avoid being hurt. Nobody dies per se, but you may feel that a part of you is gone after a relationship ends.


A classic female empowerment track. In the post “Me Too” era, there is a long-overdue reckoning of people being held accountable for their actions in Hollywood. Back in 2017 & 2018, I covered a lot about the Weinstein and Nassar cases as they were unfolding. Even with movements like #FreeBritney and the re-examinations of how Monica Lewinsky was treated in the recent limited series, public opinion is slowly coming around to the idea that maybe treating women horribly in the media is a bad idea. 

Not to brag (but I will), Sofia Carson picked a recommendation of mine to go on her official “Made To Be LOUD” Spotify playlist, so we are pretty much best friends.

3. Sugar

Just like its title, “Sugar” is addicting to listen to. It encapsulates the feeling of having an infatuation with someone and wanting to spend every moment with them– even if they give you a “sugar high.”

4. Timeless

“Timeless” is the type of track that makes you want to get up and dance along. When in the throes of a relationship, there can be a “timeless” feeling that you are reinventing what it means to be in love. If Sofia was to pick another single, I think “Timeless” would be a strong contender.

5, 6 + 7: Stay, Como Cuando y Donde, Still Love You

There are similar themes throughout these tracks; they are equally beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. I could see Sofia doing an EP in Spanish or an entire album. In the last three songs, we find the part of Sofia’s story where she finds herself again and becomes stronger.

8: Fool’s Gold

“Fool’s Gold” is my favorite single/song Sofia has ever put out. My jaw was on the floor the first time I heard it. The beat is infectious, and Sofia’s laugh is a fun hook. In this song, “fool’s gold” refers to not knowing if the relationship is valuable enough to go the distance or if the connection is worth the trouble. It’s easy to forget that our instincts are usually correct, and sometimes, we should probably follow our gut feelings over what our heart is telling us.

9: He Loves Me, But…

“All I remember are your drunken half forevers”… absolute bars on top of bars. You may be familiar with the imagery of someone picking apart flower petals to figure out if someone loves them or not. In the pre-chorus, Sofia sings, “He says it’s best for me / But I don’t really remember him askin’ me.” The pre-chorus reminds me of the phrase, “it’s not you, it’s me.” Breakups can be difficult for both parties. Still, the dumpee is usually left with questions where the dumper already made peace with the breakup before it happens.

10. Two Tears In A Bucket

I have to be honest; I did not know this phrase until I looked it up. “Two Tears In A Bucket” means that these few tears won’t amount to anything in the grand scheme of things. This song is a solid final note to end on and makes me get ready to press repeat on the album.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, I think this is a fine debut. Sofia clearly shows a lot of potential, and I am excited to see where she is headed next. My only note is that she needs to release more music at a faster pace to become the superstar she is destined to become. 

What are your favorite tracks on Sofia Carson’s debut album? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sofia Carson is available to purchase and stream wherever you listen to music.

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