Ming Xi talks 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Fall

The models of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows are the epitome of grace and know-how to work it down the runway with their angel wings. However, this year, this turned out not to be the case for one model in particular. Model Ming Xi fell during the VS Fashion Show in Shanghai and handled the slip up like a professional.


This is Ming’s fifth appearance on the Victoriaâ’s Secret Fashion Show runway. She wore an extravagant ensemble during the A Winter’s Tale section of the show, and as she twirled her train, the model slipped on the runway and fell to her knees.

This fall, however, is not what shocked the world. After the fall took place, Ming Xi got up with help from a fellow model and with a smile, when many others would have looked horrified. Then, as the audience cheered her on, Gizele Oliveira came out to help her up and encourage her to keep walking.

The fall is likely to not be in the final cut of the airing. Victoria’s Secret usually tapes two run-throughs of the runway specifically, for this reason, so the tumble will not be seen on air most likely.

Something like this is not uncommon. Bella Hadid experienced a wicked fall during the Michael Kors’ Spring 2017 runway last fall.

Since the fall has gone viral, Ming Xi has posted a paragraph on Instagram regarding the incident and how it has been an embarrassing moment for her modeling career.

“As many of you may already know, I fell during my 5th year walking at Victoria’s Secret show yesterday. It was no doubt one of the hardest moments I have ever had to go through in my career, especially since the show was taking place in my hometown, in front of my mother and my people’s eyes,” she said on Instagram.

“However, the support I received from everyone yesterday was incredible and I am truly grateful to everyone who was there for me. @ed_razek Thank you for your supportive words and your continued support throughout these 7 years. @giizeleoliveira Thank you for helping me up after the fall, it was a very selfless and loving act from you. Thank you to all the girls who rushed to comfort me backstage after what had happened, you are all family to me. Lastly thank you to everyone who sent and left me supportive messages. I will pick myself up from where I fell, and I will keep going in order to repay all the support you all have given me!!”

Falling on the runway is definitely something not wanted by anyone in the modeling industry. However, Ming Xi has shown that a slip-up such as this shows that models are just humans and experience embarrassing moments. Ming Xi has handled this entire situation with such elegance, and we can’t wait to see what is in store for her next!

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