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Whenever Kylie Cosmetics is mentioned, a lot of opinions will come up, good or bad. The latest controversy to arise is about Kylie’s Silver Series Makeup Brush Collection. The set features 16 different brushes with fluffy white hair, silver handles, and of course, Kylie’s name imprinted on them. The brushes will arrive to the Kylie Cosmetics website on December 13th.

However, the entire collection is set at a hefty price of $360, and fans have been very vocal about the price.

Now, Kylie has tweeted about the controversy and said her piece on the matter. Jenner explained that her brushes are of “luxury quality,” and she is willing to release a cheaper set at a later date. She pulled examples from other companies to show where she is coming from with this price.

The brand has only been around since 2015 and has only released five brush eye set in the past. However, people have responded to Kylie’s comparisons with opinions of their own.

Since Kylie tweeted about her new set, BH Cosmetics tweeted a brush sale on their website, with a bit of shade thrown towards the Kylie Cosmetics set.

While reactions have been positive and negative, they are overwhelmingly negative. There is a possibility that Jenner’s set is of higher quality when put against other brands. However, that doesn’t change that the price is not something many of her fans can afford.

In 2014, questions came around if Jenner got lip injections since her lips appeared to have changed almost overnight. “These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings, to be honest, and are kinda insulting,” she tweeted in April 2014. However, in May 2015, she confessed on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that she got her lips injected. “I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine, and it’s what I wanted to do.”

Since then, Kris and Kylie Jenner have taken this opportunity that takes this controversy and turns it into a brand. Jenner is a popular user on Snapchat, with over 10 million followers. Jenner uses this platform to show her new products and let fans know when her new lip kits and so on are releasing.

Hopefully, the brush stint is just a hiccup, and Jenner can come back from it by revamping her prices.

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