Euphoria: f*ck anyone who is not a sea blob

“I always feel like real life is such a letdown”

Jules’ Euphoria Special

The moment we met Jules in the first episode of Euphoria, I immediately felt connected to her. Something about her spoke to me. The way she carried herself, her immediate reaction to being on the defense, being able to read her emotions on her face. This episode resonated so much with me. This past year, I started going to therapy for the first time, which was a massive step. I’ve always been the type to focus on others around me to avoid dealing with my own emotions. Seeing Jules talk to a new therapist was a great juxtaposition to Rue’s episode conversing with Ali, someone the audience has already met. The therapist can look at the events Jules describes with no prior knowledge of her behaviors and destructive tendencies. I hope we get to see more of this relationship in future episodes.

At this point, I have seen the first season three times in total. Each viewing, I feel like I start to notice things I haven’t noticed before. With Rue’s special, it was the first time I realized that Rue might not be the most reliable narrator. In season one of Euphoria, we see Jules’s actions through her eyes. In Rue’s episode, it became clear how Her feelings blind their narration and how she doesn’t communicate her frustrations.

Flip back to Jules; she feels as if the weight of Rue’s sobriety rests on her shoulders. “Fuck anyone who is not a Sea Blob” fills in some of the blanks that Season 1 left. It also gives us more insight by letting Jules tell her own story, not narrated by Rue. I am excited to see where these specials have left us going into Season 2 of Euphoria. It leaves me wondering what direction the series would have taken us without this.

Hunter’s co-writing this episode is so clear and demonstrates the love she feels for her character. Getting her perspective as a trans woman into telling the story of a trans woman coming of age is essential, and I hope this episode solidified her spot in the writer’s room. Also, I hope more actors join the writer’s room, so we don’t get dialogue written by someone who doesn’t know how teenagers talk, let alone teenage girls.

Also, I knew I was in for an emotional ride when ‘Liability’ by Lorde was playing in the first few minutes. Hunter… you got me.


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