EVOLution: A Sabrina Carpenter Album Review

2016 has proved to be the year of reinventing the pop music industry and has recently added a new starlet to the mix. Last month, Sabrina Carpenter released her second full-length album with Hollywood Records, titled EVOLution.

Sabrina’s Trajectory

In 2012, Carpenter signed with Hollywood Records, the infamous record label that has rocketed the careers of past Disney alumni, such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Although she is new to the world of pop music, she is no stranger to the spotlight; she has been a part of the Disney Channel family for a few years now as part of the Emmy nominated Girl Meets World, a spinoff of the hit 90’s show Boy Meets World.

As of now, she is still part of the series, playing Maya Hart, the best friend to Riley Matthews and daughter of the beloved Cory and Topanga. She can also be seen voicing Melissa Chase in the new Disney animated series, Milo’s Murphy Law.

Eyes Wide Open: Her Debut Album

Her first album, Eyes Wide Open, was a typical teen album with songs about crushes and best friends, but it did not focus on her talent as much as the lyrics. With EVOLution, Carpenter shows that she has grown as an artist and has a place in the music industry. In songs such as “Shadows” and “Run and Hide,” she tells meaningful stories and gives messages worth telling, like her previous album. However, her lyrics are even sharper and more emotional than lyrics from Eyes Wide Open; EVOLution’s “Run and Hide” sounds like an updated, more profound version of Eyes Wide Open’s “Too Young.” Other songs, such as “Don’t Want It Back” and “Feels Like Loneliness,” give a different, more sultry pop vibe, something that hasn’t been seen in Carpenter’s past work.

EVOLution: The Sophomore Album

This album incorporates many different emotions, making it very diverse. “All We Have Is Love” is about how everyone should start listening to and loving one another. “Thumbs” encourages listeners to work for career and social success and avoid complaining when things are not handed directly to them. Finally, “Space” is an R&B-style track that talks about love and how it can play with the typical teenage mind. With all of these different flairs to this collection, a distinct set of songs are created.

Although she has not been in the public’s eye for long, social media has played a substantial role in connecting her to her fans. As of October 19, 2016, she currently holds over 906,000 on Twitter and 9.1 million followers on Instagram. With such a massive platform of fans worldwide, it is straightforward for her to spread her passion for music. During a Twitter question and answer with the artist on October 15, 2016, on the overall message she wants to give with EVOLution, Carpenter said, “We learn from our mistakes that’s how we grow. In rough times, we turn to wherever we find love #EVOLution”. Sabrina shows that she is giving herself room to grow as an artist and as an individual; she wants that to be the main takeaway of her music for her loyal followers.

EVOLution appeals to all pop and R&B lovers alike, earning itself a 4.5-star rating. Carpenter is an influencer who will not be leaving the spotlight anytime soon. Her positive messages as a lyricist with fun and rhythmic music give the pop industry a fresh perspective. Carpenter is set to embark on her first-ever tour, the “EVOLution Tour,” in the U.S. on October 18, and her new album can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and other stores where music is sold.

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