Barbie: legend, icon, star, can do anything

i know what you’re thinking… why is a 20-year-old woman writing about Barbie

Barbie was always a role model for me growing up, i had so many dolls, i owned all of the VHS tapes, I had a Barbie Hotel (never had a dream house but someday!) She had so many careers, a perfect Malibu lifestyle with her sisters and Ken, AND loves pink (my favorite color!) what’s not to like?

Criticism has always been that Barbie made women feel unrealistic body expectations at a young age, which can be true to some extent. The tiny waist, bleach blonde hair, super skinny, blue eyes, I could go on.. But I was always inspired by even having the perfect lifestyle, Barbie proved that girls can do anything.

In 2016, when the new dolls were introduced, I straight-up bawled my eyes out. Not kidding. These dolls appeal to girls of all skin color, race, body types, disabilities, and more. The more inclusion we achieve, the more beautiful of a world we become.

Barbie has always been a beacon of positivity in my life. In all of her movies, she always strived to make life better for others. In 2015, Barbie’s YouTube channel started putting out Vlog content to show a more relevant and personal side to the icon and even touch deep themes such as depression (or as she calls it “feeling blue”), insensitive people, and overall life advice. This is a great platform for guys, gals, and nonbinary pals to learn they aren’t alone, and have someone to look up to in a sense.

I spent all weekend binging Barbie’s Dreamhouse Adventures on Netflix and Life In The Dreamhouse and I am not ashamed. I have come to terms that this isn’t just kid content (even if it is made for 5-11-year-olds), it can appeal to all ages. 20 minutes of an episode pass by, and you feel calm. No drama in the episode, always a good lesson to learn (maybe that’s why I still watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon).

I think everyone should give Dreamhouse Adventures a chance. We finally learn more about Barbie’s family (including parents!), her friends Nikki, Renee, Daisy, and Teresa (and Ken). Every episode contains good lessons, great humor, and is overall just super cute and pink.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Let me know <3


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