Amazon Prime could face investigation over delivery complaints

There have been talks that Amazon Prime UK might be up for investigation by Advertising Standards Authority due to complaints that the delivery service fails to deliver packages on time due to the holiday rush.

A spokesperson from the ASA has said, “We have received a handful of complaints (five) about Amazon parcel deliveries, and we are at the initial assessment stage. We have not yet decided on whether the complaints warrant an investigation. However, this failure to deliver the packages on time could result in a breach of contract.”

The express delivery fee for Amazon Prime UK is £7.99 per month after an initial 30-day free trial period. Amazon says the latest order date is Wednesday for standard customers but Saturday for Prime customers to get packages by Christmas.

The site’s guidance page will be dispatched with the intention that it’s delivered one day after dispatch. However, Amazon advises contacting Customer Service if any problems come up.

The consumer rights group Which? has said: “If you paid for delivery by a certain date or time (e.g., by Christmas or next-day delivery) and the delivery arrives late, this is a breach of contract. If your goods need to be delivered on time, you have the right to terminate the purchase and get a full refund.”

In 2015, the ASA started an investigation after six different people claimed Prime’s advertising was misleading. Although it was in the customer’s favor, Prime did not seem to clarify that a paid subscription to the service would automatically start after the 30-day free trial had ended.

Amazon Prime UK has not made any comments on this matter. However, since the holiday season is upon us, it is quite concerns that such a mogul could face a problem. Hopefully, Amazon Prime UK gets its act straight and addresses the questions soon, or the problem may become bigger.

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