74th Annual Golden Globes Shatters Records

The Golden Globes never fail to disappoint with their hosts and awards – but there’s always a first time for everything. On January 8, the entertainment industry celebrated the Golden Globes by giving the Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards. As a result, the 2017 telecast was the highest rated in years, bringing in over 20 million viewers and an eight percent spike from last year’s broadcast.

This night has always been filled with tears, both cheerful and sorrowful, as Hollywood’s best sweep the awards and steal the show. So here is the breakdown of Hollywood’s biggest night: the 2017 Golden Globes.

The telecast was hosted by The Tonight Show’s shining star, Jimmy Fallon. The show started with an absorbing five-minute opening paying homage to the biggest hits of 2016, such as La La Land and Mr. Robot. The opening was staged impressively with star-studded cameos from casts such as The People Vs. OJ Simpson and Stranger Things. By the time Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake appeared, the opening sequence began to feel tiring; the once-promising opening sequence ended with a thud to the show’s start.

After the big production, Fallon came out to do his opening monologue to kick off the show filled with typical Fallon-Esque bits of impressions of past hosts and improv. Unfortunately, Fallon seemed uneasy improvising for a live performance, despite doing so each night on his own TV show. In general, the monologue was unpleasant, jokes seemed too staged, and Fallon’s usual cutesy routine was more weary than charming.

Fallon did not do much after the monologue, which is common for Golden Globe hosts. Unfortunately, it was not Fallon’s night to shine. Other presenters did redeem the show; Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell’s hilarious bit on animated films was a bright spot of the night. Other great presenters included Sunny Pawar being hoisted up to the mic by Dev Patel. Patel plays the older version of Pawarin, the drama Lion, which was an adorable moment from the night.

Every award show always has one winner that cleans up the majority of the awards. The 2017 Golden Globes proved to be no different, with La La Land winning numerous awards. After winning in the “Best Comedy” category, the film broke the long-standing record of most Golden Globes awarded to a single movie since the 1970s. La La Land was the star of the show with a sweep of seven awards that night.

The modern musical did not pick up the one award that was “Best Picture,” which was awarded to Moonlight. However, surprising wins also occurred, such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s win for “Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture” rather than Mahershala Ali for Moonlight. Another shocker was Damien Chazelle Nabbing’s “Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture” instead of Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester By The Sea.

One of the night’s most memorable moments was the Lifetime Achievement Award, given to the incomparable Meryl Streep. Streep has dozens upon dozens of movies to her name, making her a Hollywood legend. She delivered a very passionate and engaging speech to the audience. It was a memorable moment for Streep and the viewers with remarks to America’s current President-Elect (although she never specifically mentioned his name) and heartfelt messages from the late Carrie Fisher.

The Golden Globes always prides itself on being unpredictable with winners and ceremonies on live television. However, the 2017 awards were interesting compared to different years, with record-breaking movies and an intriguing choice of a host.

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