2020 Albums of The Year

hello everyone! this is my wrap-up of all of my favorite 2020 albums or songs that i loved from this year. i did a youtube video discussing my favorite movies, tv episodes/shows, podcasts, and books of this year! (as well as opening my Christmas presents!) happy end of 2020 to you all, here’s hoping that 2021 shines a little brighter. i also made a playlist to go along with this post on Spotify for you to check out – i hope you enjoy it, find some music you love/have loved, and i would love to hear your opinions and faves from this year below in the comments! xoxo

Circles – Mac Miller
after being almost two years since we lost mac – this album somehow feels like a goodbye letter. circles is the companion album to Swimming (2018) and it is the perfect another half (and his best release). it is comforting to hear him – we miss you so much
fave tracks: I Can See, Hands, Complicated, Blue World

Good News & Suga – Megan Thee Stallion

real hot girl shit! savage, body, girls in the hood (and more!) basically RULED Tik Tok in 2020. even with overcoming some bad times in the past year, meg did not let that stop her hyping herself and us up at home. i wish she was my life coach.

fave tracks: Cry Baby (feat. DaBaby), Freaky Girls (feat. SZA), Body, Work That

(honestly the whole album)

Future Nostalgia & Club Future Nostalgia (DJ Mix) – Dua Lipa

literal pop PERFECTION. right in the title it is laid out for you – this is going to be a wild ride of nostalgia with a futuristic take on classic sounds you know and love. Dua dominated radio waves, every time I got in my car, I knew Don’t Start Now or Break My Heart was going to be playing.

I know it’s controversial. I LOVED the remix album from The Blessed Madonna, i was SHOCKED when I saw that a lot of fans did not like the remix album at all. it is so effortlessly fun with all of the 80s studio 54 vibes you could possibly ask for.. i might even go as far to say i like it a little more than FN but i don’t want dua stan twitter to come after me.

fave tracks: Hallucinate, Levitating, Love is Religion (ft. Madonna), Kiss and Make Up (remix)

SAWAYAMA – Rina Sawayama

where to even begin, rina is my dream pop it girl that i have been waiting for. her debut album is the perfect blend of rock and rock while giving Y2K vibes. the production is immaculate, i highly recommend also looking up Rina perform live as it is even better than the recorded versions.

fave tracks: STFU!, Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys), XS, Dynasty

Petals For Armor – Hayley Williams

you can’t be human and not be a Paramore fan. it is just not possible. Hayley has been one of my role models ever since I used to obsessively reblog everything about her back in 2013 during my emo Tumblr blog days. overcoming a tumultuous divorce, Hayley takes us through a journey of trying to rebuild herself (which she lets you know that she is still actively trying). i recommend watching her discuss the album (the first ep before the full project came out) with Zane Lowe of Beats 1 (link). Paramore’s After Laughter (2017) is a great companion with this project, and it makes it all the more sweeter that her bandmates, Taylor and Zac, were involved with this project as well. Sugar for the Rim is also for the gays btw – Hayley said it herself.

fave tracks: Cinnamon, Dead Horse, Sugar On The Rim

Punisher – Phoebe Bridgers

I am a new phoebe fan and I do not know how I lived without her. the first time I heard “Kyoto” – I felt transcended to another place, the last time an artist made me feel like that was Lorde with Melodrama (2017) and SZA’s CTRL (2017) (which both of those albums are always on rotation still). I also think Punisher is Taylor’s evermore/folklore for the LGBTS.

fave tracks: Kyoto, Garden Song, Graceland Too

folklore / evermore – Taylor Swift

Taylor releasing two albums this year was one of the highlights for me. I have recently gotten back into Taylor’s music since Lover (2019) came out and I love everything she has been creating since- so excited for her remasters and to cry to the 2021 version of All Too Well. Taylor’s ability to tell a story so vividly over two albums is just incredible.

fave tracks: willow, the last great american dynasty, invisible string, gold rush

Positions – Ariana Grande

another fantastic surprise this year from my favorite artist of all time. i vividly remember asking my parents to let me preorder Yours Truly (2013) on the family iTunes account (side note – so crazy to me that streaming has completely taken over, i didn’t have Spotify Premium until 2015 so I am no longer a cavewoman).

my favorite Ariana album was Sweetener (2018) but i really think that Positions has knocked it off the #1 spot. comparing Positions to Sweetener: i feel like Sweetener (and thank u next (2019) to some extent) was putting up a front that she is happier after what occured in the Dangerous Woman era and 2018, but i think Positions is so genuine and carefree. lines from just like magic, “take my pen and write some love letters to heaven” and the nods to Yours Truly (2013) n the beginning of nasty makes me so emotional.

fave tracks: 34+35, motive (feat. Doja Cat), obvious


after years of begging YG to let the girls release an album: they finally listened and DELIVERED. my only complaint is that it is way too short – only 8 songs. but we finally got Jisoo singing “blackpink in your area” so regardless, i am keeping my complaints. when the How You Like That video came out on YouTube, i hit replay at least 30 times. i also recommend watching LIGHT UP THE SKY on Netflix!

fave tracks: How You Like That, Ice Cream, Pretty Savage, Lovesick Girls


i found TWICE last year and fell in love. their poppiness, visuals, and choreography is absolutely everything. their second album EYES WIDE OPEN also came out this year but I preferred MORE & MORE, well.. more. (also 2019’s Feel Special was my fave EP from that year)

fave tracks: MORE & MORE, DON’T CALL ME AGAIN, MAKE ME GO, I CAN’T STOP ME (from Eyes Wide Open)

honorable mentions:

  • Chromatica – Lady Gaga

  • Ho, why is you here ? – Flo Milli

  • JAGUAR – Victoria Monét

  • CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 – Jaden

  • POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR – Bring Me The Horizon

  • reminiscence – EVERGLOW

  • The New Abnormal – The Strokes

  • Remote – Wallows

let me know what your favorite releases this year were, and please check out my youtube video recapping my favorite book, movies, tv, and more from 2020. love you!

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