54,646 minutes. My Spotify Premium has told me that is how much music I listened to in 2017.

Anyone who knows me knows that Pop Culture is my life so I was not surprised by that number at all.  I figured it was only fair if I listen to so much music, I should give reviews of my top ten faves in no particular order! I want to preface this was very hard to narrow down for me and not every album I loved is on here.


This was a two-part EP but I am counting it as an album. Bebe has been one of those people that I always knew was going to be a star and I have been watching her for a while. All Your Fault Part 1 and 2 are mixes of music that gets you on your feet while also making you feel for Bebe. She has said in previous interviews that someone broke her real bad and this is her telling him he messed up while she admits she did some of the wrong-doing. Bebe loves to experiment with many different genres as she has pop, rap, and country on these EPs. The experimentation shows Bebe is willing to try anything and can make you feel something no matter the genre. Being a Bebe fan for years now, I can’t wait to see what is next for her. Favorites – Meant to Be and The Way I Are. Rating 7/10.


This is the first album I ever listened to front and back and continued to do that for a week straight. Ella has the power to make you cry, feel content, and dance all at the same time. Ella is authentically herself, which is something I have always tried to live by. After Pure Heroine, I was scared she wasn’t going to be able to evolve after such a smash debut album but now she is up for a 2018 Grammy for Album Of The Year so she succeeded. This emotional masterpiece will be on my favorites for a long long time. Favorites – Green Light and Homemade Dynamite. Rating – 10/10.


I had the pleasure of seeing Jaden perform last year before the album came out on Fall Out Boy’s MANIA Tour, and he done did it. His dance moves, the visuals, everything was perfect. Even though there was no album out at the time, you were still able to dance and enjoy yourself. When the album dropped, I sent it to everyone and begged everyone to listen to it. This album cuts through all the background noise in your life, the emotion is raw, and Jaden most of the time doesn’t make sense, but you feel for him. Fun fact, I am 3 days older than Jaden so I know for a fact that being a teenager is hard work. I’m not known like Jaden but he doesn’t care what people think about him and he does his own thing. Give him a few years and he will take over the world. Favorites – George Jeff and Icon. Rating – 9/10.


The album on everyone’s minds and in their hearts this year. There wasn’t one day I saw SZA not be talked about on my Twitter timeline after the album hit the internet. SZA unravels all of her emotions and constantly gives you lyrics to relate to. She is so raw and vulnerable about love that you feel for her and wants to scream on the top of your lungs about how much you feel in your soul yourself. Favorites – Drew Barrymore and The Weekend. Rating 8/10.


Sabrina is VERY new to the scene starting last year, AND she released two albums last year, but the debut took the cake for me. I found Sabrina randomly on Spotify and became obsessed with her immediately.  Her moodiness and exterior showcase a girl who is wise beyond her years. Her music pulls you in, to feel peace. Her dreamy appeal is what makes you fall in love with her and her limitless sound. Favorites – Runnin’ Thru Lovers and Too Much Too Late. Rating 8/10.


Kelly has been around the block for a long time, but according to her, this is her first album since breaking away from her Idol days that she has had creative control over, and it shows. This album goes deeper than her past works, it is emotional, empowering and soulful. The album strips down to show Kelly’s heart. The record is a must-listen. Favorites – Meaning of Life, Love so Soft, Whole Lotta Woman. Rating – 7/10.


My dream boy Shawn. His first album Handwritten I still play all the time and this album is a step up. Shawn shares his romantic struggles and does it with great empathy. Shawn’s music is like a love letter, filled with love to regret. Along with his classic slow jams, he literally made the iconic bop “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” which I tell everyone that it will never get old EVER. I once did an improv number in the middle of a Forever 21 to that song if that tells you how much I love this man. Hoping 2018 is the year I finally see him live. Favorites – Bad Reputation, Three Empty Words, There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back. Rating – 8/10


I’ve known about Logic for a long time, being one of my best friends is probably one of his biggest fans. I’ve been a casual listener, but like many, after his 2017 VMA Performance of 1-800-273-8255, this album hasn’t left me. The performance makes me bawl my eyes out, and Logic is the perfect guy to spread these messages. He always preaches about peace, love, and positivity and if you knew his intense background, you would start to practice those three words too. Logic made “Everybody” for well, everybody. Every song can relate to SOMEONE and that is admirable. Favorites – Take It Back, Everybody, 1-800-273-8255. Rating – 9/10.


I have been a Paramore fan FOREVER, and I just revealed myself as retired emo. Paramore switched up their sound on this album giving 80’s nostalgia pop-rock vibes while still making it “Paramore”. Hayley sings her heart out while letting go a little bit of her angst that’s been seen in past works. Paramore has had a lot of lineup changes over the course of their existence, but you can tell that this trio works together so well and makes incredible music. Favorites – Fake Happy, Hard Times, Caught in The Middle. Rating. – 6/10.


After years of being a fan, I finally saw Hoodie Allen live last year and it exceeded anything I could have imagined. Hoodie keeps his rap roots on this album while showing more of what he can do. He unveils his emotions over infectious beats that you can’t get out of your head. Being an independent artist with no label, Hoodie shows his fans that it’s all about them and nothing else, which I’ve always loved about him. The Hype needs more recognition, that’s all I’m saying. Favorites – Believe, All for Me, Something Dangerous. Rating – 10/10

Hope you guys enjoyed this looooong piece, Feel free to follow me on Spotify (or look up zoegarden) to see what I’m listening to!



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